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Einstein gave us the math for general relativity but he never explained how and why it worked.

In this, you will see exactly how & why general relativity works the way it does.

An Important Discovery of Einstein's

. . . . enables us now to see . . . .

this really is a phase symmetry Universe.

I write this
considering the reader loves science and wants to learn more about energy quanta and about phase symmetry that best explains energy quanta.

In this you will see phase symmetry not only tells us exactly what general relativity tells us but it shows us even more: Phase symmetry shows us why mass can be converted into energy and why energy can only be delivered in quantum sized amounts. Also phase symmetry shows us what inertial mass really is and how Ernst Mach was right: Surroundings are very much involved. Phase symmetry shows us why we have centrifugal force. It shows us much, much more too.

A very important discovery of Einstein's was something he discovered even later than E=mc2 and relativity:

In 1954, about a year before he died, Einstein wrote, "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

Einstein, back then, was telling us to look for a better theory than field theory. Field theory is OK only if you want to see the end result of billions of these individual quantum type forces. You cannot analyze a quantum force via field theory. These individual quantum forces can only be analyzed using either "phase symmetry" or quantum theory and phase symmetry seems the better of those two, something that I learned abruptly in 1966.

What is so amazing is that so few listened to what Einstein said back then in 1954. It took me 12 years after Einstein died to see even a bit more about this misconception of fields than he saw: I then published my first book about how it was Ampere who showed us the reality of what was going on and we should not believe this field illusion given to us by Faraday and Maxwell. There was a full page devoted entirely to that first book of mine on page 29 of the June 18, 1967 New York Times Sunday Book Review section.

But scientists are still using that old wrong field concept today to try to figure out what really is going on in this universe of ours over 50 years after Einstein emphatically told them they would get nowhere by using the concept of fields.

Important in phase symmetry are some things such as SSSWRs (Spinning, Scalar, Standing Wave, Resonances.) discovered, and mathematically proven by, one of those scientists that got us to the moon, Dr. Milo Wolff .

I find it hard to emphasize the importance of standing waves to those who have never worked on radio transmitters. There, standing waves must be eliminated. I've talked to Milo Wolff quite a bit about standing waves. I knew the electron was some sort of standing wave but it was Milo Wolff who convinced me that electrons had to be SCALAR, SPINNING, standing waves or they couldn't even exist:

Dr. Milo Wolff mathematically proved the electron to be a scalar, spinning, standing wave that reproduces itself from the radiation energy of surrounding electrons; showing us this universe produces standing waves much like radio transmitters do.

These scalar, spinning, standing waves, like the electron, obey phase symmetry phase relationships: Electrons repel other electrons via an out of phase relationship yet if properly positioned, electrons can actually bind together ó whenever their closest sides are spinning together "in phase" ó exactly as electrons bind together in sigma and pi chemical bonds. The fact that we have chemical electron to electron bonding proves there are no such things as fields of negative charge around each electron. Phase symmetry shows us what is really happening.

If you look up "Ampere's laws" on the internet today you will get electrical laws quite unknown to Ampere. Yes, Ampere was the first to equate the forces associated with these laws you will find on Google but Ampere did his calculations with long wires; he didnít even know about electrons. There was no such thing as voltage or amperage back then. Current flow (amperage) is named after Ampere.

Just about half a century ago Scientific American published a good account of Ampereís long wire laws. I remember reading it like it was yesterday. Part of it went something like this:

Ampere discovered that whatever was coming out of his batteries when put the same direction through two parallel long wires made those wires attract each other.

If this substance (later found to be electrons) was put through these long parallel wires in an opposite direction, in each wire, then these long wires repelled each other.

So basically what Ampere gave us was a relative motion law.

You could also see these laws as "phase" laws: If the current through two parallel long wires is moving the same direction or "in phase" then these wires will attract. If the current through these two parallel long wires is moving in opposite directions or "out of phase" then these two wires will repel.

If you see Ampereís laws this way then Ampere gave us the initial concept of phase symmetry which is exactly what Einstein looked his entire life for: This simple model called phase symmetry unifies all the invisible forces.

This is the answer to a Theory of Everything:
Ampere's Laws - that apply to SSSWRs

Mathematician Stephen Wolfram said, "Math can only explain simple things but a simple model can explain a complicated universe."

Phase symmetry is the very first simple model that perfectly explains our complicated universe.

Einstein put words to something else that is very important, that Newton understood: It's called The principle of equivalence. It means you cannot discern gravity from an acceleration.

In other words: if you are weightless in a spaceship far from earth and that spaceship begins to accelerate at a speed of 32 feet per second, per second then you would not be able to discern this acceleration force from the force of gravity.

But for us back here on earth, is this acceleration really here?

The answer is no. The gravitational force we feel is here but the acceleration itself is not really here but we do discern this force itself as an acceleration.

Well, then what about this newly discovered acceleration that Saul Perlmutter's group discovered.

Saul Perlmutter, himself, stated that we now have Einstein's cosmological constant.

But few listened to that statement just as few listened to Einstein's statement in 1954.

Einstein, himself, said his cosmological constant was a force equal but opposite to gravity holding all the stars and galaxies apart.

So if there is no actual acceleration via the force of gravity then how can there be any actual acceleration with gravity's equal and opposite force (cosmological constant)?

If the Newton-Einstein principle of equivalence is valid for (gravity), then it must also be valid for anti-gravity (cosmological constant).

Therefore what this essentially means, boys and girls, is that we must have no actual accelerating, expanding universe but we must really be in a steady state universe exactly as that well known British astronomer Fred Hoyle claimed we had, all of his entire life.

As the principle of equivalence states: we can discern the acceleration but it is not really there.

It's the force itself that we are discerning (cosmological constant) and this actual equal and opposite force to gravity we most definitely can discern as the acceleration that Perlmutter's group discovered.

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If you understand all this, and that this is a phase universe, then you are ready to read the rest of the story as to how & why general relativity works:

In general relativity if an object, made up of molecules, moves faster than its surroundings then this molecular object gets smaller and its mass increases and its time slows down, but why?

OK, the reason why is simple when viewed via phase symmetry laws:

Look at the stars surrounding us. Even the ancients saw them as "fixed stars" and not moving their respective positions in the sky: In some respects they can be viewed this way both in phase symmetry and general relativity. But in other respects, especially in phase symmetry, there is important translational motion involved which is responsible for both energy and inertial mass. Ernst Mach would have loved phase symmetry because it's an elaboration of his inertial beliefs.

Phase symmetry tells us that this is a frequency universe and space is increased the more things are out of phase. This is simple to understand.

Phase symmetry also tells us that space decreases between in phase items. This should be understandable and if you have read all about phase symmetry you will understand exactly why.

Letís take this earth, for example, itís moving. We all know that.

As this earth moves in respect to its "fixed star" surroundings then the molecular components making up this earth are more in phase with each other. They are more out of phase with the surroundings therefore not only do the earthís molecular components shrink in regard to the molecular components of the surroundings but the wavelength of light on earth will be shorter than the wavelength of light emitted by the surrounding stars.

Thus we have a bit of redshift with our surroundings plus our time will be going slower than time in our surroundings.

Since our galaxy is also spinning then this adds a bit more redshift with further surroundings plus our time will be going even slower yet than time in these further surroundings.

Since our galactic cluster is also spinning theh this adds even more redshift between our earth and our surroundings plus our time will be going even slower yet than time in these even further surroundings.

Since our galactic supercluster is also spinning then this adds even more redshift between the earth and our surroundings plus our time will be going even slower yet than time in these further surroundings.

Thus the further away we look then the more redshift we see.

Itís as simple as that really.

So not only have we shown you that phase symmetry EXPLAINS why Earth gets smaller along with general relativity telling us Earth WILL get smaller, we have also explained this redshift can exist in a steady state universe.

Not only that but now you can see why it is we cannot accurately measure things in this universe by simply using this "speed of light" measuring stick that we have been using.

So all this dark matter and dark energy we think we need in this universe is merely because of our "speed of light" measuring mistake.

By using the concept of a gravitational field you will never understand why a galaxy spins like a solid wheel whereas planets in this solar system orbit faster the closer they are to the sun. Using phase symmetry this is easily understood.

All attractions in phase symmetry must be impedance matched bonds whereas out of phase repulsions are not. The strength of these attractive impedeance matched bonds does not diminish with distance but the distance they can attract each other does have a limit: For the sigma and pi electron to electron binding this limit is the Hubble limit. This was Milo Wolff's discovery. While the strength of this binding does not vary with distance the number of these binding pairs varies as the square of the distance thus giving us our faulty view of this being a field.

Space is made up of nothing more than a myriad of out of phase repulsions. Space is therefore not uniform thus there can be these worm holes existing in space. The reason that your eye can receive quantum chunks of light is that it can come through voids existing in this multiple repulsion produced space.

The reader will see how discoveries by Dr. Milo Wolff and Saul Perlmutter, combined with this brand new kind of science, will produce a veritable Renaissance ó a science reawakening.

November 18th 2014 DPFJr


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