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May, 2004 Edition

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Do we now have a relative motion type Theory of Everything?
by S. S. Twahrheit

(Reprinted with permission from Deutsche Neue Stern Zeitung)

A group here in Germany realized that the 4 Fundamental Forces could be unified if the only common aspect to all 4 was nothing but MOTION.

They also saw if that was the case then it must be a different space-time realm for each different frequency (smaller or larger) spin/orbit system.

They termed their new laws the "Aufbau Laws" or "Construction Laws" because they were a frequency adaptation to Ampere's 1825 laws. These "Aufbau laws" show our present science laws to be nothing more than a subset set of rules for our particular reference frame here on earth. Our science laws therefore are nothing but a subset "gauge" within a larger set of universal relative motion laws similar to the ones Ampere published in 1825.

This Group, here in Germany, felt obliged to attribute their discovery to the fact that they investigated the facts brought forth in "Unification of the fields of Gravity, Magnetism and Electrostatics" which garnered a full page spread in the Sunday New York Times Book Review Section in 1967.

Lincoln Barnett, who wrote relativity articles for the Britannica, approved of the book but Bob Dicke vehemently disaproved saying if gravity was caused by relative motion, we would see interference fringes and we do not see any interference fringes whatsoever.

This German group was stymied with Dicke's reasoning until they finally realized that Kurt Gödel was proving that the concept was right and Dicke was wrong.

Now new facts have arisen:

The velocity of light c is the rate that our space-time (at our particular space-time frequency) is being produced for us.

The velocity of light c is only for our particular subset space-time realm.

You have DIFFERENT space-time realms being produced at each different spin/orbit frequency.

Knowing this allows you to use these new German "Aufbau Laws" laws properly to see how simple it all is.

End of German text (translated by RBD)

The "A" Laws

Ampere's 1825 Laws

Subsequently an American retired airline employee may have found that the reason these German "Aufbau laws" work is that it is all waves and all the forces are exactly as general relativity describes them.

ALL forces are simply space-time distortions caused by the in phase-out of phase rule Caroline Thompson of Cambridge discovered.

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