"You can't square a speed!" Tom Van Flandern


I congratulated noted astronomer Tom Van Flandern for his latest calculation on the speed of gravity because this now gave me valuable information needed to solve a puzzle Dr. Milo Wolff and I were working on. I tried to get Wolff and Van Flandern to get together on this but to no avail.

I told Tom Van Flandern, "Your calculation of the speed of gravity puts it right up there in the neighborhood with the speed of light squared".

This c2 (speed of light squared) is an extremely useful algebraic term.

Van Flandern's reply to me was. "You can't square a speed!"

While this statement of Van Flandern is absolutely true, then how can we accept Einstein's famous formula that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared (E=mc2)?

Because we don't really square the speed of light; we can't.

Speed is so much distance in a certain time. You can't square a certain distance in a certain time.

But you can square only the distance portion and that's what mathematicians do when they calculate the speed of light squared.

It's a fudge factor calculation and it's a bit wrong but that's the only thing mathematicians can do to get an amount for this so called "speed of light squared" algebraic term.

The speed of light is about 300, 000 kilometers per second or 300 million meters a second or, as presented in mathematical terms, 3 x 10 8 meters per second.

In mathematical terms the speed of light squared would be, 9 x 10 16 meters per second.

See, we are only squaring the distance side not the time side.

But the important thing that I saw was that when you square only the distance side then this is exactly the per second/per second mathematical expression for acceleration and gravity can not be discerned from acceleration. (Principle of Equivalence)

This was why I congratulated Tom Van Flandern because I knew he had discovered the speed of gravity for certain.

But now I had another problem:

Why did the universe see it exactly as c2 but we didn't and we had to fudge factor it a bit?

It took me a few years to figure that one out and when I did Tom Van Flandern was dead and I couldn't show him that what he had proved was a million times greater than even he knew because he had shown us how this universe of ours sees this thing we call speed.

And it's not quite the way we see speed so we must use this fudge factor squaring the speed of light whereas the universe doesn't need to because the universe sees speed as a frequency just as in Dr. Milo Wolff's frequency world.

See, you can square a frequency but you really can't square a speed. So this universe can and does properly square a frequency (what this universe sees as speed) to get c2.

This, that I published in an earlier paper might show what's happening a bit better:

E=mc2 can only be used when converting quark mass into energy (items which contain quarks). The reason for this - using Dr. Milo Wolff's scalar, standing wave hypothesis - is the scalar frequency of the down quark is the square of the scalar frequency of the electron. This means that while the fastest speed in our realm is the speed of light or 3 x 10 8 meters per second, the fastest speed in the quark realm is 9 x 10 16 meters per second that would appear in our math as the speed of light squared (c2) - which is also the speed of gravity - because gravity is a quark generated force. All major universities teach their astronomers that the speed of light is far too low a speed for gravity. Astronomers all agree with Newton that gravity acts almost instantly or at 9 x 10 16 meters per second. Note: Van Flandern





Thank you,

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. May 9 , 2014

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