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Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. says:

We are tuned in to this universe like a radio or TV is tuned in to the transmitter.

Qur electrons and quarks are tuned in to the electrons and quarks in the surroundings. . This is Mach's principle.

These quark spin attractions cause gravity the same as electron spin attractions cause magnetism.

(Reprinted with permission) Page 3 of 6 pages.

There is no such thing as space or time per se for this entire universe.

What we do have, however, are phase differences and these are the things that give us this concept of space and time.

We are tuned in to this universe much like a radio or TV is tuned in to the transmitting station. . See: This is a simple universe.

This is a frequency or resonance universe where phase is the all important factor. . Space and time are nothing but phase differences.

So the space we see is not the same space that the quark possesses.

We will see no faster speeds than c (3x108 meters per second) in our spacetime realm.

But the fastest speed in the quark's realm is 9x1016 meters per second. . This we can only sense as acceleration or the quantity c2 that appears in our math.

This almost instantly (far faster than light speed) is the actual speed of gravitational attraction which Yale and ALL the major universities teach in their astronomy classes and which Van Flandern has proven by showing us that there is aberration with light but none with gravity.

If gravity acted as slow as the speed of light then this entire universe simply would not work as it does and all good astronomers know this.

So all intelligent astronomers know that Newton, who said gravity and inertia acted instantly, was closer to the actual speed of gravity than Einstein who claimed it acted at the much slower speed of light.

The problem is the one that Wheeler and Feynman showed us that we would never be able to measure such things directly, that happen in other spacetime realms, but we will be able to notice them.

Even though we cannot measure such a speed as 9x1016 meters per second in our spacetime realm, we do notice it as acceleration and c2 in our math.

The spins of quarks give us gravitational attraction when they are in phase with each other just as the spins of electrons give us magnetic attraction when they are in phase.

Quark attractions to other nearby quarks give us gravitational attraction.

Quark attractions to other quarks in the surroundings give us inertia.


TIME for the quark is simply a phase difference between the principal quark scalar resonance frequencies of the quark scalar resonances.

SPACE for the quark is determined by the average phase difference between the closest sides of all the spinning quark scalar resonances.

And this gives you a "Theory of Everything" doesn't it?

Because REPULSIVE force is derived from being more out of phase than this average.

And ATTRACTIVE force is being more in phase than this average.

A different type of SPACE, therefore, is being manufactured by the spins of these fermionic unidirectional spin frequencies of these different frequency scalar resonances.

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