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Issued: July 10th 2018.

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Why quark quantum entanglement is the basis for
gravity, inertia, centrifugal force
and all atomic energy


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I don't usually write a new paper unless I have something new to add to my already existing papers that MAGPUL has made free at 4 Decades of writings of Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

I do add a few old items now and then and to begin this paper I'm going to add what Einstein told us:

Einstein used the field concept all his life but then in 1954 about a year before he died, he said this, "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

Therefore, we need to heed Einstein's 1954 warning , " . . . physics cannot be based on the field concept. . ."

Replace the field concept with phase symmetry and finally understand how this universe really works.

In phase symmetry this is a frequency universe all throughout with quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies, galactic clusters, super clusters, etc. all being SPINNING, SCALAR, STANDING WAVE entities having different spin frequencies: But all these spinning entities have the same inertial qualities and the same phase relationships:

However, each of these spinning entities have an entirely different space-time interval; your present science and math fails much beyond that particular frequency range in which you see solids. Scientists compensate for this by inventing gauges but these are different space-time realms, not different gauges:

Phase symmetry merges the frequency-particle aspect by saying that you see as solids the frequencies you are specifically tuned to and you see lower frequencies (galaxies) as a larger, variegated solid. You sense higher frequencies, than you are tuned to, (quarks and electrons) as so tiny they can't even be seen.

Phase symmetry does what Einstein said to do: It completely discards fields with their north and south poles, plus and minus charges, gravity and everything else connected with fields. It uses only phase to explain everything. And it does a superb job of it too, I might say:

The supreme rule in alternating current motors is that things "in phase" attract and things "out of phase" repel; it works exactly this way in our entire universe as well.

Nothing could be easier to see.

Einstein said the answer would be simple.

Phase symmetry is really simple. Here it is:

ALL attractive forces are caused by in phase, impedance matched, resonant spin frequency, binding pairs. There can actually be NO SPACE or TIME between some of these bindings depending on the observer's point of view.

Let's look at these binding energy attractions in phase symmetry:

Attraction comes only with in phase, impedance matched, resonant bonds. This means, "the in phase mass of, the closest sides of, the spin up--spin down binding pair have to match."

It is this in phase quantum entanglement of the tiny identical masses of the binding pair that is of utmost importance: The strength of these bonds do NOT vary with distance. Only the NUMBER of binding pairs falls off with the square of the distance: This is what tricked us into believing in field theory.

We have gravity, inertia and centrifugal force mainly because the strength of these quantum entanglement forces do NOT vary with distance: With centrifugal force we also have "translational motion" of the quarks that you also need to understand that I have covered in other papers.

It is plain to see that all the elements, on the left of iron, on the binding energy curve have MORE quark to distant quantum entanglement quark binding with the fixed stars than quark to quark internal binding: This is simply because there are more quarks in the stars to bind with than there are inside each individual atom to bind with, in these lighter than iron elements.

On the other hand, all the elements to the right of iron on the energy curve have far LESS quark to quark entanglement with the fixed stars than quark to quark internal binding: The reason for this is that all these numerous outermost protons and neutrons, in these heavier elements, are shielding the innermost quarks from binding with the fixed stars.

Atomic energy, therefore, is derived simply by better balancing the internal to external quark binding (bringing it closer to the exact balance it has in iron).

In the iron atom the internal quark to quark binding equals the quark to quark entanglement binding with the fixed stars (pulling in all directions actually tending to pull the element all apart). The weaker internal attractive electron to electron quantum entanglement in phase binding is all that is holding the iron atom together:

In other words the quark forces trying to pull the iron atom apart are equal to the quark forces trying to hold it together, whereas ALL the in phase electron quantum entanglement forces are engaged holding the iron atom together.

Incidentally, this same quark internal to external balance (like in iron) takes place in the vicinity of the planet Venus giving us those splendid rings of Venus: There are rings in the macrocosm and easily changed magnetism in the microcosm ONLY where these quark forces are balanced!

A main rule in phase symmetry is that no TWO ABSOLUTELY FREE quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters, etc. can have QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT because the TWO would fully precess beyond and away from each others attracting positions: This, having their closest sides out of phase is why we have all this repulsion and all this excessive space both in the microcosm and macrocosm because all these FREE entities must repel each other.

You can only have quantum entanglement if full precession is prevented.

This happened to certain electrons during the Big Bang when they were quantum entangled harmonically with down quarks spinning at the square of the electron's spin frequency: It is the hindering of the precession of these harmonically linked down quarks with electrons that allow molecules to be built, and inertial forces, gravitational forces and atomic energy to exist.

With both fission or fusion, entanglement with the stars (inertial mass), is changed to closer entanglement so that all these quark positions and electron orbits have to drastically change allowing these unbalanced quark forces to again balance closer to iron unleashing energy via E=mc2 much like in the Big Bang that produced all these elements for the first time.

Since noted astronomer Tom Van Flandern has provided us with the knowledge that the speed of gravity is the speed of light squared, this shows the down quark could be spinning at the square of the electron's spin speed. Now for a question: How many other quarks besides the down quark are causing gravity, inertia and centrifugal force? Remember, totally FREE quarks can never cause gravity, inertia or centrifugal force. So far we only know of the entanglement of the down quark with the electron. So we know the down quark could be causing these inertial forces but what about the other quarks?

In 1948 George Gamow and Hans Bethe postulated the Big Bang. Since then quarks were discovered that supposedly were created in the first ten thousandth of the first second of the Big Bang. But if quarks were already here for hundreds of trillions of years and our first atoms were created via a beta decay Big Bang then one or more type of quark and the electron would probably be the only things that could possibly form together, in blocks and strings, like a molecule arranges itself. All the other spinning standing wave entities, no matter how large or how small, will have to repel each other, more or less as individual items, creating their own space-time.

Monday, May 18th 2015 DPFJr


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