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This universe may indeed seem complicated using present science laws.

It, however, becomes an easy to understand universe using the simple model put forth by Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

We are not in the universe presented to us by present science.

Quantum theorists are right. We are in a resonance universe.

Stephen Wolfram tells us this universe is far too complicated for our minds to even begin to deal with it, But read his words in the right hand column that also tell us that complicated things can be explained via a simple model. He is absolutely correct because you can understand how everything in this universe works via the simple model given to us by Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

Do not be intimidated by the math of present science.

Both math and rules, used in present science, are only good inside one particular frequency spin/orbit system.

QED and QCD prove that to you.

QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) or the study of electrons uses far different math and rules from QCD (Quantum Chromodynamics) where quarks are studied.

The quark frequency spin/orbit system operates at a much higher frequency from the electron frequency system necessitating far different math and rules.

Each different frequency spin/orbit system needs different math and rules.

Our math and rules are also local gauge theory and do not work properly in the microcosm nor in the macrocosm either.

Niels Bohr did take a modification of our solar system laws into the microcosm and won the Nobel Prize for it but this was only for the monatomic hydrogen and helium atom electrons.

When we try to use our concept of gravity in the macrocosm then we see the arms of these spiral galaxies going faster than their escape velocity and this is an impossibility.

Therefore at today's accuracy standards we must limit our math and laws to one particular frequency spin/orbit system.

Not only that but for tomorrow's even more stringent accuracy requirements we will be forced, says Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr., to what string theorists correctly see as a different spacetime realm, or a different dimension, for each different, distinct frequency.

This will be the realm future supercomputers will be working in.

And as Stephen Wolfram states in his best selling book 'A New Kind of Science', "We will then ask these future supercomputers for all the answers."

But until we get these future supercomputers, we need something right now.

Click Here & buy this book and you will see this simple model that gives you an approximate big picture to this entire universe right now.

But you can't use any of our present math to see how this entire universe works because any particular math concept is restricted to ONLY ONE of these specific frequency spin/orbit systems.

This shows you why not only Einstein, but all the mathematicians of present science, were/are wasting their time looking for a purely mathematical solution to this particular problem of unifying the fundamental invisible forces.

But use this simple model provided by Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. and even a non mathematician can see an approximate answer to unifying these invisible forces.

Dirac predicted we would get an approximate answer to unification and here it is.

Only after this UNIFICATION is done, can any logical science foundation be built.

You simply do not have a logical base for unification the way these universities have present science set up today because they see these forces as entirely different forces and they most certainly are not.

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. answers these following questions:

Want to know why centrifugal force works?

Want to know why these small clusters of two or three or four atoms sometimes act entirely different from the much larger groups of the same element?

Want to know what space and time really are?

Want to know why the tensor math of general relativity works as well as it does? . . No need to know the math to see this.

Want to know why string theory is correct about all these extra dimensions?

Want to see how all these fundamental forces are merely different frequencies of the same one essential force?

These universities aren't going to give you the answers to the above but this new book "Universities Asleep at the switch" will.

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SEE, — HOW the complexities of
FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
Field Theories in html:

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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
Fitz's first book in 1966

Fitz's 1966 book in PDF

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Stephen Wolfram

author of "a New Kind of Science" says:

"In the mathematical traditional of science, one's typically focusing on numbers: can we make a model which'll agree with such-and-such a number about our data?

But particularly when one's looking at more complex behavior, individual numbers are a pretty bad way to characterize what's going on. One really needs a new framework for thinking about models, and modeling.

There are a few parts to it. First of all, one of the great lessons of NKS is that simple models can work--even when what they're explaining seems very complex."

. . . It's like mathematical proofs. Which are supposed to be ever so objective. But really are about trying to explain to people--in terms they accept--why such-and-such a theorem is true.

. . . But ultimately the test of any model is whether it explains or predicts the things one's interested in."

. . . But if one really absorbs the NKS idea that complex things can have simple causes, it has a lot of consequences for one's view of the world. Many of which I think we still have to see.

. . . OK, well what about physics, for example? I'm happy to say that--well, after 25 years or so--cellular automata have now emerged there as kind of a standard type of model in physics. Like fields. Or spin systems. Or whatever.

. . . But if one really absorbs the NKS idea that complex things can have simple causes, it has a lot of consequences for one's view of the world. Many of which I think we still have to see.

. . . Now, of course, perhaps the single greatest modeling challenge for NKS is fundamental physics. Given that we've seen how much can come even from really simple rules, what about the ultimate question: can everything in our universe come from simple rules?"

"Ah yes, it does indeed come from a simple model of frequency spin/orbit systems linked via harmonics and the simple rules Ampere laid down in the 1820s."

D. P. Fitzpatrick

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