I remember writing this like it was yesterday even though it's been many years since I wrote it. - - Dan Fitz.

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Lightning & Modern Airliners



The Troubles

Lite-Flite Manual

The Sundial Book

Type latitude & longitude in this Excel software (below) & get a precise sundial for any spot on earth.

Garden Sundial

Sundial for a WALL going east-west and facing either north or south

Sundial correction Table

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Cambridge T.O.E.

Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything

a short, concise version

Fitzpatrick's First Book in 1966-'67


Over 4 Decades of Fitzpatrick's Books, Papers and Thoughts.

VERY LATEST IN SCIENCE: Do Ampere's Laws give us the final answer to DARK MATTER?

7-7-2017.The final answer to the cause of Dark Matter.htm

Final and SIMPLE answer to the DARK MATTER attractive force.

In Word: 7-7-2017.Answer to DARK MATTER.doc

7-7-2017 Answer to DARK MATTER also in Adobe.pdf - 7-7-2017.Answer to DARK MATTER.pdf

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