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The missing Malaysian Boeing 777

March 29, 2014


This link below gives us a fact about the Boeing 777 that we know.

We also know that military aviators are well trained using decompression chambers to show them exactly how fast they lose consciousness, after rapid decompression. Ordinary pilots in commercial aviation are not trained this way. Most non-military pilots have never even been in a decompression chamber.

People think that just because they can breathe they are fine but without sufficient oxygen they go out fast, like a light switched off, if the airplane loses pressure at high altitudes.

We know that the auto pilot was set to take the ill fated 777 on a certain flight path. We know it did so for almost an hour.

But about then something happened at an altitude above 30,000 feet.

All pilots know that rapid decompression at this altitude requires getting the plane to below 10,000 feet as soon as possible.

If I was flying an aircraft in which I lost pressure then I would simply put the plane into a tight spiral or stall it and spin it down. I'd be watching the altimeter and at 10,000 feet I'd recover at this lower altitude where I'd get all the oxygen I needed as I breathed.

That would be the fastest way down while not gaining excessive airspeed.

But this can't be done in a commercial aircraft because passengers would be slung around, so a slower descent is mandatory for a commercial airliner.

No one knows what happened to that Malaysian 777 but I believe the aircraft had a major crack that finally gave way and opened, resulting in rapid decompression.

This would have also torn apart and shorted some wires and popped some circuit breakers.

But most of the 110 volt 400 cycle AC busses must have remained on because the aircraft's computer remained on. We know this because that aircraft could never have flown that long without the computer keeping the aircraft in trim and switching the various fuel tanks as each of them was emptied.

While the computer was on, the auto pilot seems to have been off. This makes sense too because in a rapid decompression the pilot would have immediately yanked the controls away from the auto pilot and turned to go back while starting his descent to safety below 10,000 feet.

The pilot could and would have done this too providing the cockpit stayed lighted and the oxygen masks dropped and the oxygen was turned on automatically; but did all this happen?

I wrote this many years ago telling about what happened inside a DC-8 when lightning blew out all four 110 volt 400 cycle AC electrical busses.


This crew got back because they promptly made the right decisions.

I honestly believe that too many things, including rapid decompression, happened too fast for this Malaysian 777 crew to handle and they all were unconscious before they could get to below 10,000 feet where everyone could obtain enough oxygen while breathing.

That plane was flying exactly like a Boeing 777 would with the auto pilot off and the plane's computer still working and it flew and flew much like a kid's toy airplane until it ran out of fuel.

That 777 crack, the FAA warned about, was next to one antenna and would have taken it out and maybe some others too. Amelia Earhart probably would have made it to Howland Island if she had repaired the trailing wire antenna she had forgot to reel in and ripped off. This mystery too may be cleared up if we find an antenna was ripped off instead of a unit turned off as many are now speculating.

I have been to many Moslem countries but my enthusiasm with their religion is not what they might wish for. I, however, suggest we give this Moslem crew the benefit of the doubt before we cast our stones at them for being terrorists.


Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

Pilot license # 1195823

Airframe & Powerplant license # 1311098

1st Class Radiotelephone license with RADAR endorsement # P1-7-13647

Permission to post this is hereby granted if this is posted in its entirety. It's best that all of us, in this airline industry, try learning the truth.

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