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Feynman's QED

Can 'space' per se really exist?

Page 3.

I dislike thinking of or even using the word 'space'.

How can you extend 'space' infinitely?

You cannot.

And you can't extend 'space' less than infinitely either because then what would lie beyond the limit?.

Space has to be seen, as something produced only for that instant, as shown in Ampere's 1825 laws.

Particles and Time are things being produced via Milo Wolff's scalar resonances.

While normal resonances can be seen and produced on an oscilloscope, scalar resonances cannot be seen by us AS WAVES. . The difference between scalar and vector resonances is dramatic: See Beyond the point particle.

Nature produced a lens in our eyes without the aid of any present science.

Nature has most probably produced a detector in us equal to the best detector circuit too.

The best - Armstrong's superheterodyne detector circuit has an oscillator that beats against incoming frequencies. . If this is the way we are detecting space and time then both space and time are things that we perceive at our particular oscillator frequency.

While I'm hesitant to use the word 'space' I am not at all hesitant to use the word 'space-time interval'

In special relativity the space-time interval remains invariant, while both space and time change.

This, however, is not true in general relativity.

Ampere's 1825 laws. show us that the space-time interval is only invariant within ONE particular spin/orbit frequency system.

For instance, the quark has a far different space-time interval - thus a far different space-time realm - from the electron.


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