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Issued: July 10th 2018.

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Now, take something to a mirror and try to read it. Even though the mirror image is not reversed up to down or left to right, something else happens: You can plainly see that the image you are trying to read in the mirror must be read backwards from right to left instead of from left to right. In other words the phase gets reversed as Humphrey Lloyd showed us in this leg of the interferometer giving us a phase reversal of 180 degrees for a Cooper type bond in this leg. Interferometer.htm

A Cooper bond, 180 degrees out of phase spin down in this leg can completely knock out a Cooper bond spin up in the interferometer's other leg: The two cancel each other. No light at all is seen in that detector.

What we are telling you present science doesn't is that light doesn't really move through the interferometer legs. Instead a Cooper type in phase bonding occurs through those legs at the same rate that we see space being built. And that is the real secret to the interferometer.

But there's also a bit more:

The phase reversal, as Humphrey Lloyd discovered, only occurs when reflection happens on the silvered side of the mirror. Because glass has refraction and other dispersion properties this 180 degree out of phase reversal is not seen if a similar type reflection goes is reflected through the glass.

Our instruments are still not sensitive enough that we can distinguish each individual photon of light energy. So we do not know the percentage of photon binding linkages the glass itself is preventing.

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