1966 book — showed the
relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
Fitz's first book in 1966
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This was the way the site --below-- looked many years ago, Dan Fitz.


"in phase attract"

Type those three words - above - into Google (Include quote marks) to learn not only the basics of electricity but how all the fundamental forces work.

Or click the following link that will give you the same page in Google. "in phase attract"

Stephen Wolfram's book, "A New Kind of Science" gives us three (3) very important facts:

1. Mathematics can only explain simple things.

2. You need a model to explain complicated things.

3. But - a simple model can explain complicated things.

It looks to me like we have a simple PHASE model here.

That page in Google is a brightly lit neon sign explaining to you the simple PHASE model that this universe uses to create the various forces. Not only do all electric motors obey these simple phase model laws but this entire universe seems to as well.

Things that are in phase attract and things out of phase with each other repel.

This is so simple to see and remember!

This is why 3-phase motors rotate and why reversing any two leads will reverse the rotation of the motor.

It's crystal clear that this is not only the basis for magnetism but for sigma and pi chemical bonding as well.


Quoting the Britannica 2009 DVD "Phase: when comparing the phases of two or more periodic motions, such as waves, the motions are said to be in phase when corresponding points reach maximum or minimum displacements simultaneously. If the crests of two waves pass the same point or line at the same time, then they are in phase for that position; however, if the crest of one and the trough of the other pass at the same time, the phase angles differ by 180°, or π radians, and the waves are said to be out of phase (by 180° in this case)."

In the 1800s Ampere published his long wire, relative motion laws that essentially showed us that electric currents and magnetism work this way. We've named the "Amp" (unit of electrical current) after Ampere but have our scientists completely forgotten all about what Ampere actually showed us?

Not only do all electrical items work this way but all the fundamental invisible forces work this way as well!

What this page in Google is showing you is that the fundamental forces are basically nothing but phase relationships!

This is why you are attracted to the earth. You are more in phase with the earth -- less motion between you and the earth -- than with all else in the surrounding universe. (Please notice how Mach's principle -- the surroundings -- are also involved in this.) But when these phased frequencies get so slow that you can no longer recognise them as frequencies then it is best to visualize it all as "RELATIVE MOTION" (motion in regard to the surroundings) which I did in 1966 in my first book that you can now read FREE.

Fitzpatrick's First Book There was a full page in the New York Times devoted exclusively about this book on June 18th 1967 in the "Sunday Book Review" section, page 29.

Universities Asleep at the Switch. FREE - (Click this.)

This is a Schrödinger, spherical, scalar, standing wave, frequency universe, as explained by Dr. Milo Wolff.

Schrödinger's Universe

All these spinning entities -- quarks, electrons, stars and galaxies -- are nothing but spherical, SCALAR, standing wave entities in this Schrödinger universe.

The importance of SCALAR WAVES and what they are

Between all these spinning, spherical, scalar, standing wave frequencies, you must have phase differences.

There are different basic PHASE relationships between all these spinning entities, from quarks to galaxies.

This is -- Einstein's quest -- unification of the fundamental forces. Therefore these phase differences become of immense importance to this entire universe and everyone seems to have been "Asleep at the Switch
" on this one.

One of the most influential theoretical physicists of our time - David Bohm - tried to get this concept across saying in 1989, "oscillations in phase attract, and those out of phase repel. " But no one in these universities seemed to recognise the importance of this as the basis for everything that is really going on in this frequency universe.

This is a Schrödinger frequency universe and in it we have
Fitzpatrick's RPR - - Relative Phase Relationships.
Mach was right: Surroundings are involved

Here is a quote from the Britannica 1997 CD telling about Einstein's tensor math which "led him to an essentially unique tensor equation for the law of gravitation, in which gravitation emerged not as a force but as a manifestation of the curvature of spacetime."

As you see in the above Britannica quote, there is no such thing as force in the tensor math of General Relativity. Einstein assumed this universe was homogeneous and isotropic. This means a certain average space exists all throughout this universe. What you actually get -- greatly simplifying things -- is more spacetime, than this average, where repulsive force exists between two objects. In addition, there is less spacetime, than this average, existing between two gravitational objects that have an attractive force between them, thus we have the spacetime curvature in the above Britannica quote.

Plus now we know from both Britannica quotes that 0 degrees of phase (perfectly in phase) is attractive and 180 degrees out of phase is repulsive and 90 degrees out of phase is this average or SPACE itself.

Knowing this is simply incredible!

Because now we know what space is and for all those still believing in an aether medium, you can now swap this aether medium for this new type space which passes the Michelson-Morely test where an aether medium doesn't.

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There was a full page in the New York Times devoted exclusively about Fitzpatrick's First Book on June 18th 1967.

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