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a new cosmology

Fitzpatrick offers us a new cosmology that solves a lot of problems

We know something epochal happened 10 to 15 billion years ago because of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR).

But now NASA tells us not to believe what our universities have been telling us for the past half century with this link. NASA states: "In 1948, Physicist George Gamow hypothesized that all of the elements might have been made in the hot and dense early universe. He suggested to his student, Ralph Alpher, that he calculate this. Alpher did so for his PhD thesis, with Robert Herman participating in much of the work. Alpher and Herman found that Gamow was wrong: most elements could not have been made in the early universe. The problem is with neutron capture. Neutrons decay in about 10 minutes, and their density decreases as the universe expands in that time. There just isn't enough time to keep building up to the heavier elements before the neutrons are gone."

Therefore the first main problem with the present Big Bang concept is what NASA has shown you in the above statement.

Neutrons decay too fast (10 - 15 minutes) for a Big Bang to have created atoms from pure energy. Gamow got this argument from many other nuclear scientists too, at the time he proposed his Big Bang scenario that our universities, nevertheless, somehow accepted and have been printing many thousands of articles and telling us all about for more than sixty years now.

So we know one thing for certain: For this Big Bang to have happened, the neutron - way back then - had to have a decay rate of much, much longer than 15 minutes.

The second main problem is that the creation of an entire universe from pure energy means believing in a new type energy that we don't know about: All the energy we do know about is only delivered in tiny quantum sized pieces, the plural of which are called quanta. These quanta are in effect binding energy or tiny changes in binding between various elements of mass, so some sort of universe had to be in place even before this Big Bang epochal event of 10 billion to 15 billion years ago.

Fitzpatrick's new cosmological concept solves not only these two main problems but a host of other problems too, by envisioning that we had a dark, all neutron universe here for eons of years. It was dark because there were no electrons, therefore no light way back then. But the neutron - once stable - was slowly becoming more and more unstable as eons of time went on.

So what must have really happened - 10 to 15 billion years ago - was a sudden beta decay Big Bang inside this early all neutron universe, that back then had a beta decay rate of much, much more than 15 minutes. Half of the neutrons in that early universe were changed to protons and electrons via beta decay. The other half of the neutrons now safely locked inside of newly created hydrogen, and later other atoms, remained.

Not only does a beta decay Big Bang of an all neutron universe solve this problem that Alpher and Herman discovered, it also solves three other problems that NASA tells us about in this link: . The Flatness problem, the Horizon problem and the Monopole problem show us something is wrong with the present Big Bang theory that begins this universe with nothing but pure energy

Fitzpatrick's new cosmological concept also tells us that we should have a faster beta decay rate for neutrons as time goes on.

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

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July 23, 2010

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