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This book gives you a simple model with simple rules whereby you can understand exactly how this entire universe functions.

And astronomers had better look at this following prediction:

Fitzpatrick's hypothesis predicts that all binary stars, of the same mass will be spinning prograde with each other: they will have opposite spins, where their closest sides are moving in the same direction (like gears meshing and not clashing). All the other stars will be spinning retrograde with their nearest neighbor. None of the other stars will be spinning prograde with their nearest neighbor like the binary stars.

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The Troubles

Lite-Flite Manual

The Sundial Book

Type latitude & longitude in this Excel software (below) & get a precise sundial for any spot on earth.

Garden Sundial

Sundial for a WALL going east-west and facing either north or south

Sundial correction Table
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Cambridge T.O.E.

Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything

a short, concise version

Fitzpatrick's First Book in 1966-'67

Over 4 Decades of Daniel P. Fitzpatrick's Books, Papers and Thoughts


You'll find many more things written over the years by Daniel P. Fitzpatrick at this spot
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