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The Real Reason we have this

Saul Perlmutter, who headed the group that discovered this acceleration, has something to say about all this. Let's listen to him: He said, we actually have Einstein's Cosmological Constant out there holding all the stars and galaxies apart.

Quoting from the Britannica 2009 DVD "The Supernova Cosmology Project, headed by Saul Perlmutter of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, reported on measurements of the apparent brightnesses and red shifts of 42 Type Ia supernovas. . . . not only is the rate of expansion of the universe not decelerating, but it also appears to be accelerating slightly."

How could Saul Perlmutter be right about this Cosmological Constant and Einstein wrong?

Einstein did say in 1915 that there was a force out there in space -- equal but opposite in force to gravity -- holding all the stars and galaxies apart. He named it his Cosmological Constant.

Years later he changed his mind about that and called his Cosmological Constant idea his biggest blunder.

But what if Saul Perlmutter is right now and Einstein was right way back then in 1915?

If you look at this: then it shows that Saul is probably right now and that Einstein was right in 1915.

Because if magnetism emanates from the electron spin -- and we know it does -- then gravity may emanate from a quark spin frequency, which would be the square of the electron spin frequency (a harmonic). Then the strong force would not be contained inside the neutron or proton after all. It would be this strong force (produced by the quark spin that would be giving us not only gravity but inertia and centrifugal force as well.

And there is more because if c (the speed of light) is being produced by electrons then c2 may be produced by the quarks and if we look at what the Britannica says, then it really makes us think:

Here is a quote from the Britannica 1997 CD telling about Einstein's tensor math which "led him to an essentially unique tensor equation for the law of gravitation, in which gravitation emerged not as a force but as a manifestation of the curvature of spacetime."

If I may be so bold as to tell you the answer to what space really is, then here it is:

As you see in the above Britannica quote, there is no such thing as force in the tensor math of General Relativity. What you actually get - greatly simplifying things - is more space, than average, where repulsive force exists between two objects. In addition, there is less space, than average, existing between two gravitational objects that have an attractive force between them.

Saul Perlmutter has shown, as in GR, that if repulsive force is more space than average then we get Einstein's cosmological constant (exact opposite repulsive force of gravity) and gravity becomes a bi-polar force like all the other invisible forces.

All you have to do now is put 2 and 2 together to see what's really going on:

We know that the magnetic force of attraction between two electrons is caused by the electron spin frequency. We also know that quarks are attracted to other quarks via the quark spin frequency:

If electrons are what Dr. Milo Wolff says they are then both electrons and quarks are producing an average out of phase situation between themselves that must be space. Any + or - difference from this average between any single pair of electrons or quarks is what we see as repulsive or attractive force.

We see the electron c (speed of light) produced space as our space but we see the quark c2 produced space as space times space or acceleration and that makes perfect sense because we also see the gravitational force produced by these quarks as APPARENT acceleration (principle of equivalence).

So if Saul Perlmutter is right and we do have this Cosmological Constant force out there holding all the stars and galaxies apart then the principle of equivalence that applies to gravity must also apply to it as well.

Therefore it's that Cosmological Constant force out there holding all the stars and galaxies apart that is giving us this APPARENT accelerating, expanding universe.

See this short, clear picture:



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