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showing how nature designed the superheterodyne system into all of us.

From the book: New light on the Elaborate Design of this Universe. 5-21-2013

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At this stage of the game neither of us knows exactly how this new frequency order of things will eventually be all arranged but we do know that it will be in some form of a spinning, scalar, standing wave entity set up.

We also know something else of importance: we know momentary aspects of these particles are also appearing in these Large Hadron Colliders (LHC}.

From this we can only come to one conclusion: impedance matched binding must also be quantified via our scalar, standing wave, frequency universe and this is really one supremely important conclusion.

When you have impedance matched bindings if the matter in your surroundings increases then your inertia will also increase.

Thus the larger a galaxy is, then the more inertia or inertial mass the center of that galaxy will have because there will be more mass in the surroundings and therefore more impedance matched binding with those immediate surroundings.

Galaxies of a certain size then will always have a center of such immense inertial mass that even light cannot escape, therefore it becomes a Black Hole.

The larger (more massive) the galaxy then the larger the Black Hole in its center.

It's as simple as that.

Last but not least:

All through this paper we mentioned the IF (intermediate frequency).

Here's a bit more about that:


Copied from the 2013 Britannica DVD "Superheterodyne reception:

the commonest technique for recovering the information (sound or picture) from carrier waves of a range of frequencies, transmitted by different broadcasting stations. The circuitry, devised by Edwin H. Armstrong during World War I, combines the high-frequency current produced by the incoming wave with a low-frequency current produced in the receiver, giving a beat (or heterodyne) frequency that is the difference between the original combining frequencies. This different frequency, called the intermediate frequency (IF), is beyond the audible range (hence the original term, supersonic heterodyne reception); it can be amplified with higher gain and selectivity than can the initial higher frequency. The IF signal, retaining modulation to the same degree as the original carrier, enters a detector from which the desired audio or other output signal is obtained.

The receiver is tuned to different broadcast frequencies by adjusting the frequency of the current used to combine with the carrier waves. This arrangement is employed in most radio, television, and radar receivers."

We're pretty certain that our human circuitry is this superheterodyne circuitry and our IF (intermediate frequency) is the electron's spin frequency.

Please read, from above, the partial green sentence: This different frequency, called the intermediate frequency (IF), is beyond the audible range meaning a higher frequency range than the audible range. (We wish these Brits would be more concise when they write these things.) The spin frequency of the electron would also be a higher frequency (beyond the) electron orbiting frequencies that we are detecting as light.

Milo Wolff believes that SU (2) symmetry is telling us that the electron spins twice each time it orbits. This would put the electron spin at a higher frequency (beyond the) electron orbiting frequencies that we are detecting as light.

Armstrong designed a lower frequency IF, from the incoming frequencies and if the signal our electrons are receiving is at the de Broglie wavelength then this resembles Armstrong's circuitry exactly.

Thus everything fits perfectly in place for nature to perfect this superheterodyne circuitry in each of us.

Nature that perfected the eye lens long before scientists understood how it worked also perfected the superheterodyne circuitry long before Armstrong designed the very best receiver circuitry yet discovered.

We showed you that all totally free spinning, scalar, standing wave entities, such as the electron can never attract: No matter how many are forced onto the plate of a capacitor, they will always repel each other. It is the motion of these three quarks around each other that begin all these attractive forces. We are presently in a race with Tony Bermanseder and others to show you exactly how this quark motion is responsible for this sense of a gravitational field that varies as the inverse distance squared.

So we are both still working hard on all this science and other things that can make a bit of money for us as two copies of this and our $65 goes to the Library of Congress.

Glad this one, begun and on the internet since 5/21/2013, is finally finished © November, 30, 2013.


Richard Mark Fitzpatrick CEO and founder of Magpul and Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. (Authors)


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