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Issued: July 10th 2018.

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Google is censoring in China !




Google's China type censoring doesn't seem to work for them here


My post on "Schrödinger's Universe " (Milo Wolff's latest book) was not allowed into any of Google's moderated groups.

I merely told about Dr. Milo Wolff's latest book "Schrödinger's Universe " and what it said.

I then ventured my opinion about what it all meant.

Evidently people did read it and tell others about it because now it is ranked way up there in the first, second and third pages out of 2,220 posts for "Schrödinger's Universe ".

And this certainly made me laugh.

See if you think it needs to be censored out. Here it is:




Oh yes, this must be updated because the paper in that above link stayed on the first page of Google's list and actually reached the top spot, in December 2008 out of over two thousand items if you typed in "Schrödinger's Universe ".

Guess what Google did then on December 19, 2008?

They removed it entirely from their first page (if you typed in "Schrödinger's Universe ")!

They then indented one of their own Google group links that had a 5 month old version of it -- not in color nor up to date like mine -- and put this in that first page near the spot where my original web page link stood.

Oh Yes, if you jump through hoops, you can still find it on their first page if you eventually come across and find and then click on the link "repeat the search with the omitted results included."

But since most folks aren't going to go to all that trouble, then they, in effect, have substituted their Google group report link -- on that first page -- for my web site link.

I certainly hope that my simple report to the public here does not affect Google in any way as they continue their empire building.

What amazes me is the various ways, forms and methods they use to do it.


Jan. 24, 2009 UPDATE:

Well, Google put back on the first page again on December 21, 2008 so I thanked them on this page for being fair.


But after a few days they again removed and again you couldn't get it unless you found and clicked the link "repeat the search with the omitted results included" so I also removed my being fair statement. Then on Jan. 23, 2009 I saw it was back again. How long it will remain back, I don't know.

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August 19, 2008 -- revised December 21, 2008 and January 24, 2009

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