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Fitzpatrick's Universal Spacetime Resonance Laws

Fitzpatrick's USR Laws

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Unlike present science based on Newton's laws of motion, that cannot be used in the microcosm, these laws are universal laws that can be used both here and in the microcosm and macrocosm as well. Instead of using the phrase standing wave I'm going to use the term standing resonance because using the term wave, herein, can be misleading.

Not only is the electron a scalar, standing wave resonance, which Dr. Milo Wolff mathematically has proven but all other particles are as well. This is indeed a resonance universe as Milo Wolff correctly portrays.


1. First and foremost of these universal laws are Ampere's Laws with a frequency modification.

2. The next most important law is "All scalar, standing resonance entities will have inertial qualities that are given to them via their same frequency surroundings (Mach's principle). They will also experience a 90 degree gyro torque - in regard to their same frequency surroundings - the same as we witness in present science". It is these more or less, spherically shaped scalar standing resonances that determine what we comprehend as particles and time.

3. The result of the gyro torque mentioned in above Law #2 along with Ampere's Laws is: "Any totally free, scalar, standing resonance entity MUST repel every other spinning, similar totally free, scalar, standing resonance entity of the same size, mass and symmetry of construction in its surroundings".

4. Attractive forces can only occur between scalar, standing resonance entities that are "locked" in some way to neighbor entities as they travel the same geodesic path with them.

5. Motion (Newton's concept of it is restricted to less than .00016 (.016%) of the speed of light) can be utilized also in the microcosm to give us an approximation of what is really happening in the microcosm. This is true even though it may horrify some of today's quantum theorists.

6. Motion in the microcosm, however, will be seen by us as far different from the motion that we see here. Motion is restricted to each different spin/orbit frequency level and each different spin/orbit frequency level has its own separate different spacetime interval. In fact this is the real reason we use three totally different types of rules and math in QCD, QED and in our spacetime realm.

7. It is best, for the time being - until we have far better computers - to "fix the gauge" by using a different spacetime interval for each different spin/orbit frequency level because, as I stated above, this is effectively what we are already doing in QCD, QED and in our spacetime realm.

8. Not only is motion restricted to one spin/orbit frequency level but it cannot be seen by a lower frequency spin/orbit frequency level. Only the evidence of a position shift can be seen by the lower frequency level entity. The reason for this is a blitzseit (smallest interval of time) will be different in each different spin/orbit frequency level but these different blitzseits will all be exact harmonics of each other.

9. The reason that motion is restricted to one spin/orbit frequency level is that both space and time must also be restricted to each spin/orbit frequency level as well if the human mind is going to make sense out of the arrangement. Computers, someday, will organize things differently but unfortunately we simply cannot. Time and things are best both seen as scalar, standing resonances while space should be seen as the AVERAGE of a collection of numerous vector spin forces between two scalar, standing resonance entities. We must equate space with force the same as it is presently being done in the tensor math of general relativity.

10. Space is best seen as being created via the spin frequencies of scalar resonance entities. Space is being created the most between those spin frequencies that are most out of phase with each other. Space is being created the least between spin frequencies that are closer to being in phase. No space (attraction) is created between two entities whose spin frequencies are exactly in phase. This is the real reason for using Ampere's laws. Both space and time are therefore frequency conscious.

11. The more accuracy you want, the more you must narrow the range of frequencies involved. Also, the greater the frequency range you view, the less accuracy you will have (with present math). (Feynman taught us this one.)

12. The reason Ampere's Laws work is because of impedance matching where the portions of spherical, scalar, standing resonance entities that are in phase create no space between themselves or an attractive force. Other portions of spherical, scalar standing resonance entities that are not in phase do create space or a repulsive force between themselves. Our minds sense an average of this space production giving us the false illusion of plus and minus charges or the bi polar north and south poles of a magnet.

13. These laws shall pertain to all spacetime realms (frequency spin/orbit systems). The symmetry of each spacetime realm will differ because of it's different symmetry higher and lower frequency neighbors.

14. These scalar, standing resonance frequencies that determine particles and time will be distant enough from their higher and lower frequency neighbors to avoid destruction yet they will/may be close enough harmonically to link somewhat with their neighbor higher and lower frequency neighbors.

15. Wheeler and Feynman are correct: Motion in one spacetime realm may indeed be noted in another spacetime realm but it will not be directly measurable in that other spacetime realm. For instance: We see ordinary motion in the quark spacetime realm as acceleration in our spacetime realm.

16. While present science will possibly be with us until the end of time, it should never be used in conjunction with other spacetime realms unless frequency modified. Gravity, for instance, has a broad frequency range and the gravitational frequency should be noted when using the term gravity. Present science uses the term gravity far too loosely. For instance: the spiral galactic arms exceed their escape velocity measured from our spacetime realm here because we fail to take into consideration the additional lower frequency "A" Law attractive force exerted by the rotation of the galaxy itself within its lower frequency galactic neighbor surroundings.

17. Particles (scalar standing wave resonances) that we sense traveling at the speed of light, we will also sense to have practically zero mass such as photons and the various neutrinos. All other scalar standing wave resonances traveling at other speeds we will sense to have mass such as bosons going slower than light or the graviton that is having the appearance of an almost instant velocity far greater than the speed of light.

18. It is the spinning of these scalar standing wave resonances that create the vector force quanta of energy we observe. An average amount of this production is what we sense as space.

19. Spin is conserved in this entire universe. Spin can be transferred from one spacetime realm to another, similar to energy.

 20. The reason that spin is conserved in this entire universe and that spin can be transferred from one spacetime realm to another, similar to energy, is because of Newton's third law of motion. Newton's third law of motion: "Every action has an equal and opposte reaction" is also a universal law valid not only here but also in the microcosm and macrocosm as well.

21. Just as we know energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it is the same with binding. Binding can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be shifted. We know that an entity on an orbital has equal binding with the surroundings as it does with the item or items it is rotating around. If it removes a quantum of this binding away from the surroundings then it must give this same quantum of binding to the item it is rotating around. Our present science sees this orbit or orbital as losing energy but if the reverse happens and if this same entity shifts a quantum of energy from the central item to the surroundings then we say this orbit or orbital has gained a quantum of energy.

22. The angular momentum of all spins have to be conserved. As any entity moves, relative to the surroundings, the spins of its components, electrons and quarks are constantly shifted as the entity moves.

The reason that an entity's spin is a geodesic balanced path-as stated in the above paragraph-is that the angular momentum of the spinning entity itself equals the total of the angular momentum of all the electrons and quarks that the rectilinear or orbital motion is constantly displacing.

So both orbits and spins are balanced geodesic paths between entities and their surroundings.

23. Motion of spherical, scalar wave resonances exists mostly below .00016 (.016%) of any single frequency spacetime realm. Motion also cannot be transferred out of that spacetime realm; only the evidence (angular momentum) of it can.




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