Chapter 5

Surroundings and Binding Energy

binding energy

atom bomb

energy can neither be created nor destroyed

quantum of energy

It's not that complicated


Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

hydrogen bomb

fission energy

Fusion energy

Controllable fusion energy

military-industrial complex

shale oil in Canada

Fredrick the Great

yellow journalism

periodic table

domino effect

Binding Energy Curve is the most important curve in science.


Euclidean geometry



Universal Spacetime Resonance Laws

SEE, — HOW the complexities of
FIELD THEORIES HID from us the fact that relative motion (phase) between these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
Field Theories in html:

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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
Fitz's first book in 1966

Fitz's 1966 book in PDF

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