Chapter 2

Trading All Our Science Laws for Ampere's Laws


Impedance matching

Impedance matching



Force Field

local gauge theory

RADAR indicator

Scientific American

Encyclopedia Britannica

Lincoln Barnett


BIRD Wattmeter

Scalar, Standing Waves

approximation that Dirac predicted

Ampere's Laws and his corollary close to the way he wrote them up in the 1820s

the spacetime interval will be invariant

These "A" Laws (Ampere or Aufbau) have unified all the forces

Think of quarks, electrons, stars and galaxies as all being the same spinning, scalar wave entities.

these laws are frequency laws

traveling in the same direction on parallel paths will attract

things traveling in opposite directions on parallel paths will repel

It's not that complicated

Ampere's Corollary force comes in as the cosine of the angle of the planes of the two spins.

Now we know the electron has spin.

At last
This is the ANSWER to unification
of all the forces in the microcosm and macrocosm.
This is the ANSWER to everything!
Issued: July 10th 2018.

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