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December 3, 2006 Edition

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Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.
talks about some basic problems of physics.

(Reprinted with permission)

The fastest planet in our solar system is Mercury. It is going around the sun at a speed of 48 thousand meters per second and that is .00016 (.016%) of the speed of light. Comets also travel close to this speed. We need to use relativity corrections at approximately this speed as well.

What is important to remember here is that at this speed, Newton's mechanistic approach starts falling all apart and we must use the tensor math of general relativity to patch up the Newton model that now fails to accurately work at this speed of .00016 (.016%) of the speed of light.

So Newton's laws work accurately for less than .016% of the extreme slower speeds and Newton's laws are WRONG for more than 99.984% of the available speeds.

This is an awful percentage record.

Yet we continue to believe it because this was our ancestor's belief.

But they remained where they never experienced any of these faster speeds nor did they experience any mass changes, which would have taught them better.

The universities continue to give us Newton's concept. Yes, it is right for most of the time because we remain in the range of these slower speeds and we do not venture into places where mass changes substantially.

But why not try to find the correct answer?

We are being told opposites attract in magnetism and it is plain to see this is not only wrong but it is the very reverse of what is right.

It's similar geodesic paths that attract in magnetism as well as in sigma and pi chemical bonding.

This is easy to see.

Merely look at the electron as Dr. Milo Wolff sees it, as a spherical scalar wave entity.

A scalar wave entity simply means a standing wave resonance that maintains itself by transmitting and receiving equal amounts of energy in all directions.

Now look at the closest sides of the electrons doing the attraction in both magnetism and chemical bonding.

You will get a spin binding attraction whenever the spins, of two scalar wave entities (electrons), are in the same equatorial plane or parallel axial spin planes (same spin axis) with the closest sides, between this pair, going in the same direction (like gears meshing and not clashing).

You will get a spin binding attraction in pi bonding when the electrons are in parallel axial planes. This is a polar type attraction (both electrons spin up or both spin down).

You will get a spin binding attraction in sigma bonding when both electrons (one spin up and the other spin down) are in the same equatorial plane. This is an equatorial side to side attraction.

While the polar (same spin axis) attraction is the strongest in magnetism it is not in pi bonding because this is a short but repetitious bonding and not a steady bonding like sigma bonding where the two electrons remain lined up in the same plane.

You can see from this simple model that this attraction comes because of an IN PHASE relationship between the closest sides of the attracting electrons.

So this in phase relationship tells you this is a frequency or resonance effect.

From the above you also now can see magnetism and sigma and pi chemical bonding are caused by the same force.

This is what is really going on.

This is science.

But this is not what the universities are telling you.

The universities continue to preach a religion that does give most people the answers they want most of the time.

But this Euclid-Newton religion must continuously be corrected to give accurate answers all the time.

This, simply, is not good enough.

What is really going on is far, far different from the Newtonian gravitational tale being presently told in the universities.

This is a frequency or resonance universe obeying frequency and resonance laws.

If we are trying to find what is really going on then we have to have a model of what is actually happening ALL of the time and not just some of the time.

"Universities Asleep at the Switch" gives you this model.

And it's a simple model as well.

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