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Did AMPERE discover what EINSTEIN couldn't? Universities Asleep at the Switch


Einstein's Most Important Discovery

helps to show us this IS a

"Quantum Entanglement"



Einstein's most important discovery was not E=mc2 or relativity. It was what he discovered even later!

Back in 1950, while Einstein was still alive, I ground & polished, to a perfect parabola, a 6 inch telescope mirror for Linden High School and after I graduated, I gave them all my radio equipment that I had for my amateur radio station W2YDW. I knew, at that time, if our present science was absolutely right then we should be getting right answers ALL the time and not simply a fraction of the time.

Today, I consider myself very lucky indeed to have been given over four score (80) years, of good health, and to have found out exactly why we haven't been getting ALL the right answers ALL the time.

And the reason for that is, we haven't been considering ALL the forces.

Berkeley and Mach said there had to be invisible force inertial linkages with our surroundings (Mach's principle). Proof they were right is the fact that gyroscopes, pendulums, vibrating elements and Helium-2 all have the same one complete rotation in one sidereal day which is 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.0916 seconds. This rate of rotation is termed "Earth rate": This is the exact rate (or time) any stationary (relative to the "fixed stars") observer in space, would see this Earth make one complete rotation.

If you start running an early jet aircraft vertical gyro at noon time, because it initially levels itself, it's rotor axis will be pointing straight up, pointing at the sun. Then you can observe its "Earth rate" rotation: At 5pm it will no longer be pointing straight up, but it will still be pointing at the sun while the sun is setting in the west. I've done this many times. The gyro is simply holding its position in space and the earth is the thing that is really rotating. So what we see is the gyro holding its position to the sun while we, on earth, rotate in respect to the gyro. However, the gyro isn't holding to the sun. It's holding exactly to the "fixed stars" that seemingly are going around us about 4 minutes faster than the sun every day: This is why the stars in winter are at a different part of the sky than in summer.

I've worked with and trouble-shot the very latest gyro systems as they came out and I've flown using both vertical and horizontal (Directional) gyro information to keep my aircraft correctly oriented. I stayed alive because I knew about gyros. For over forty years now I've been asking why scientists are not trying harder to find these invisible forces that not only make gyroscopes hold to the "fixed stars" but are responsible for our inertial mass and the conversion of energy from this inertial mass:

This gyroscopic "Quantum Entanglement" inertial force linkage to the surrounding "fixed stars" is the phase symmetry part of "Mach's principle."

A very important discovery of Einstein's was something he detected even later than E=mc2 and relativity:

In 1954, about a year before he died, Einstein wrote, "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

Einstein, back then, was telling us modern science had to change drastically and we had to look for a better theory than field theory. Field theory is OK sometimes if you want to see the end result of billions of these individual quantum type forces. An example of this being OK sometimes is the following regarding general relativity:

Your GPS wouldn't work without the field theory and tensor math of general relativity. It compensates for the difference in time because time on Earth is slower than time in those GPS satellites: General relativity shows us gravity slows down time. Earth time passes slower than time in those satellites that have considerably less gravity and — because radio waves go a certain distance in a certain time — time is important because time is what is being used to measure distance on your GPS.

Even though this firm belief in fields have given us some spectacular insights, such as Einstein's general relativity, phase symmetry makes it crystal clear that field theory has prevented us from seeing the big picture of what is really going on.

Phase symmetry ends up with the inverse square rule, the same as field theory, but obtains it a different way with impedance matched, resonant quantum bound pairs and the Milo Wolff limit (Hubble limit for the electron).

The Milo Wolff limit is needed with all these impedance matched,resonant bonding pairs because these bonds do not lose any of their strength with distance:

This is why your eye receives full quantum packets of energy no matter how far a star is in the distance.

However, the number of bonding pairs drops off inversely with the square of the distance: Thus, phase symmetry ends up with the inverse square rule the same as fields do.

This is why we were tricked into believing in field theory.

We have also been tricked into believing that this is only a frequency universe in the microcosm. I'm afraid it is a frequency universe all throughout and that's why we need these phase symmetry "phase" rules instead of field theory.

No one seems to realize that Dr. Milo Wolff has proven the electron is a spinning, scalar, standing wave: Once scientists see that the quark is too, then a brand new look at our macrocosm is needed because elements there indicate it too is obeying these spinning, scalar, standing wave phase symmetry phase rules exactly as in the microcosm: And this is truly a revelation.

What we see as tiny, are higher frequencies than we are tuned to. What we see as solid, is the frequency we are tuned to. The macrocosm, that we see as larger, is a lower frequency than we are tuned to.

ALL of these spinning entities, quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters, super clusters, etc. obey identical phase symmetry "phase rules" via their spin frequencies. And the higher the spin frequency the higher the energy. The quark has the strongest force and the fastest spin frequency. Where field theory limits the quark strong force, (strong force containment) phase symmetry doesn't have to because it is this quark spin along with impedance matched, resonant momentary bindings that give us not only gravity but all the inertial forces as well.

The quark obeys the same phase symmetry "phase" rules that electrons, stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters, super clusters, etc. use.

We know the maximum star rotation period to be 30 days and our galactic rotation period to be 240 million years: These are several billion cycles apart.

But the separation between the star spin frequency and the electron spin frequency must be more than that or else we could detect the electron's spin frequency: It's above our detecting range.

Thus the spin frequency norm between each of these entities might be more than many trillion cycles.

The much, much closer number of cycles (close harmonic) of spin frequency resonance between the electron and down quark, responsible for element and molecule structure, therefore is not the norm and must have happened because of this particular beta decay type of Big Bang that you'll see later.

— Importance of impedance matched, resonant bonding pairs

Attraction comes only with in phase impedance matched, resonant bonds. This means, "the in phase mass of the binding pair has to match at the very instant that the bond is made and energy is exchanged."

No photons? These bonds are via Minkowski geodesics in the surrounding space-time.

Phase symmetry eliminates fields and all the force carrying particles of those fields: The bubble chamber evidence of force carrying particles now have to be seen as evidence of an entirely different spacetime distortion from a particle.

All antiparticle waves must now be envisaged as 180 degrees out of phase from particle waves.

If an electron on a distant star is spinning clockwise in the same exact plane as a counter-clockwise electron in your eye then a tiny portion of their closest sides are in phase and the mass of that tiny portion in phase is the quantum of light energy that comes into your eye: But both of those tiny portions must have the exact same mass or there will be no "Quantum Entanglement" bonding or energy being transferred.

That quantum of light energy came, that long distance, to your eye with no energy loss whatsoever:

The reason for the above is that these bonds have the same strength regardless of the distance! It's only the number of bonding pairs that decrease inversely proportional to the distance squared.

There are electrons in your eye that are set up to quickly shift binding between binding with electrons on that star and then shift back to closer binding with other electrons in your eye giving you a quantum of light energy, every shift: At the instant of transfer as the electron on the star transfers this quantum of energy — the star in the higher energy level instantly replaces it — and few today realize all energy transfers work exactly this way.

Every time this electron binds with an electron in the star, via "Quantum Entanglement", it gains a quantum of inertial mass. When it shifts back to closer binding, this inertial mass (higher orbit) is converted into a quantum of light energy.

But that was only an electron binding momentarily. Quarks can bind momentarily long distances too, via "Quantum Entanglement", and also shift their binding back to closer binding. But when they do this, they gain inertial mass with distant binding and this returns as energy as they re-bind back as in the following bicycle wheel explanation.

Now think about all those quarks in your bicycle wheels as you ride your bicycle. They are spinning at the square of the electron's spin frequency and they are really massive things. As you ride your bicycle faster and faster all those quarks in the wheels that are spinning in the same plane as the wheels and spinning in the same direction as the wheels are now — via translational motion — having a certain portion of their sides, that are already spinning close to the speed of light, moved even faster up the speed of light asymptote curve.

Thus, the faster your wheels turn, the stronger the bonding with the surrounding stars.

In phase symmetry quarks can do the same long distance "Quantum Entanglement" bonding that electrons can do, so as you ride your bicycle faster and faster those quarks in your wheels are making stronger and stronger bonds with opposite spin quarks in the surrounding stars: This is why we have centrifugal force.

It's those stars up there that are holding you up on your bicycle.

Theoretical physicists all agree that we cannot analyze a quantum force via field theory: That's why we have quantum theory.

These individual quantum forces can only be analyzed using either phase symmetry or quantum theory and phase symmetry is the better of those two because the present quantum theory is not complete: By turning its back on those quark forces, it only uses half of the existing forces. This was something I learned abruptly in 1966 while solving a problem in the avionics section of Pan American Airlines.

With modern science, we are only looking at half of the existing invisible forces.

As I write this today, I can assure you that you will get a very distorted picture of what is really going on if you only view half of the existing invisible forces.

Few listened to what Einstein said back then in 1954. It took me 12 years after Einstein died to see, perhaps, a bit more about this misconception of fields than he saw. I then published my first book that explained how these quantum forces were being created: There was a full page devoted entirely to that first book of mine on page 29 of the June 18, 1967 New York Times, in the Sunday Book Review section.

Even with Einstein's words, "... physics cannot be based on the field principle," scientists are still using that old field concept today over 50 years after Einstein's warning.

I agree with those who say our microcosm is an all frequency universe in which our motion may not exist. But we know spin frequencies there do exist, Spin frequencies are important:

We all know the magnetic force emanates from the electron's spin frequency. But the following shows us something even more important:

ALL attractive forces are in phase impedance matched, spin frequency, bindings.

— Extremely Important paragraphs above & below —

ALL repulsive forces — plus space-time (that I'll cover in subsequent papers) — are caused by "out of phase" spin frequencies but there's no impedance matching with these: In fact, these "out of phase" frequencies make you SEE all this vast space between everything in both microcosm and macrocosm.

Important in phase symmetry are some things such as SSSWRs Spinning, Scalar, Standing Wave, Resonances.) discovered, and mathematically proven by, one of those scientists that got us to the moon, Dr. Milo Wolff. These SSSWRs are the building blocks of our universe.

I find it hard to emphasize the importance of standing waves to those who have never worked on radio transmitters. There, standing waves must be eliminated. Much of my life has been spent in troubleshooting transmitters and checking standing wave ratio using a Byrd Wattmeter. But what a radio transmitter doesn't need, a universe not only needs but builds with.

I've talked to Milo Wolff quite a bit about standing waves. I knew the electron was some sort of standing wave but it was Milo Wolff who convinced me that electrons had to be SCALAR, SPINNING, standing waves or they couldn't even exist:

Standing waves exist only if they transmit a minimum of their energy. This is unlike the normal waves on a transmitting antenna that must transmit a maximum of their energy so radios and TVs can receive this energy signal.

The way these scalar, spinning, standing waves, such as the electron, are able to keep energy leakage to a bare minimum is that they do several things: They spin at a certain frequency and move on a certain path that keeps these binding and repelling linkages both minimized and EQUALIZED.

In the above paragraph I put the word EQUALIZED in small capital letters because this equalization of forces, in several ways — produced by this standing wave universe — is very important because it is a main emphasis of phase symmetry.

Keep in mind that if your building blocks are spinning entities then there can never be an overabundance of either in phase attractive forces or "out of phase" repulsive forces: Thus we get this universe of EQUALIZATION.

Phase symmetry shows us this, equalization of forces, works this way both in the microcosm and the macrocosm, thus unifying micro and macro worlds.

If we have this EQUALIZATION of forces then how did we get the Big Bang?

The Big Bang came because of this EQUALIZATION of forces: We had a beta decay Big Bang.

A beta decay Big Bang solves another problem too: It gives us the first plausible explanation for the energy needed to create the Big Bang.

Our present science and especially phase symmetry, shows us that ALL energy — both chemical and atomic — comes from a reduction of inertial mass (E=MC2). But, If there is nothing to begin with, then how do you get the energy needed to create a Big Bang?

So we eliminate that problem with a beta decay Big Bang, saying neutrons were already here:

And that's easy to do because in George Gamow's postulated Big Bang, neutrons had to be constructed first, in the first ten thousandth of the first second.

In 1948 Gamow's group was correct in thinking this was when our molecular universe began: Yes, in this Big Bang the first elements and molecules were formed. But the group was wrong in thinking this entire universe began then, because an all neutron universe already existed. We now know the dispersion of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) shows this Big Bang happened all throughout an existing universe and could not have begun at one point.

Neither present science nor phase symmetry allows any fictitious "pure energy" to produce the Big Bang: Present science tells us, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed." And phase symmetry shows you why this is so. Both of these tell us neutrons were already here and that an all neutron universe existed long, long before our Big Bang.

So we have to change only the first ten thousandth of a second of Gamow's Big Bang and say that over many trillions of years, there was some sort of energy leakage either into or out of the neutron's standing wave frequency structure: This caused half the neutrons in that previous ALL NEUTRON universe to go into a beta decay. This beta decay continued until the other 50% of the neutrons were safely inside of the newly created elements: Those neutrons then remained neutrons.

Even today a free neutron can last 15 or 20 minutes before it goes into a beta decay. This is indicative of a stable neutron long before the Big Bang. So phase symmetry is telling us the fine structure constant is not such a constant after all.

A good half of our invisible forces — because of this embedded belief in field theory — is what present science fails to see: I'll be stressing that until it sinks in. Believe the facts, not what the authorities tell you.

How can you believe authorities who don't even agree with themselves? Relativity scientists say nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Yet every astronomical college in the world tells their students that gravity can't act that slow because then this universe would be unstable. And this is only one of many major science disagreements today.

So once again, believe the facts, not what the authorities tell you, and that is the essence of this paper.

Mathematician Stephen Wolfram said, "Math can only explain simple things but a simple model can explain a complicated universe."

Phase symmetry gives us the "phase" simple model answer to a Theory of Everything:
Ampere's Laws - that apply to SSSWRs

What is absolutely astounding is that phase symmetry not only simplifies but clarifies this entire complicated universe in both the microcosm and the macrocosm. It's utterly amazing!

To keep this page short I had to leave out many more interesting things, but you will have to click on the following link and spend a lot more time reading to see those.

See: Phase symmetry makes quantum theory more complete. 12-02-2013

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Many years ago
when I was young

I lived in Linden, New Jersey in the 1940s and before the 1940s ended and before I graduated from high school, I had, in my pocket, my class B Amateur Radio License W2YDW, my Class A Amateur Radio License, my 2nd Class Radiotelephone license and my private pilot's license all obtained by my own efforts studying and working by selling magazines, newspapers and working in stores. . I also had my own 150-watt amateur radio station up & running then that I built from war surplus junk. . I had two 812As in the final in push-pull. They were fancy things with finned tantalum plates that I couldn't get cheap and they cost me an enormous $5 apiece way back then. . That was a lot of money for a kid to fork out in those days.

I graduated from Linden High School and still have the copy of their Cynosure of 1950 and underneath my picture it says, "Science is the key to life" and how right they were.

I learned to fly at Bart's Airport near Budd Lake, N.J. and those hours in the air over northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania were the golden hours of my youth that I will never forget.

After graduating from Linden High, I bought a 1937 Chevy (with an actual 20,000 miles on it) from a little old lady for $300 and drove it to Florida to see the Miami Air Show. . I simply stayed in Florida and never came back to New Jersey winters again. Miami was country back then. . I loved it. . I bought an Aeronca 7-AC Champion aircraft and flew and flew and flew all over South Florida.


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Now that I'm older & wiser & have several cars to drive & don't have to worry a bit about the price of gasoline or food, I think of the many well off Romans who, not worrying in the least where their money came from, during the prosperity of the Roman Empire said, "Pecunia non olet." (Money doesn't smell.)

Thus, I think about the present mid-east war (ISIS):

This war, many Arabic speaking people perceive, is a rebellion against a foreign military-industrial complex that dominates their lives.

Quoting Lawrence of Arabia in his Seven Pillars of Wisdom

". . . war upon rebellion is messy and slow, like eating soup with a knife."